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Posted by raptorbricks - March 6th, 2022

Not sure how NG would be about posting this kind of comparison video so I'll just post it here for now until I know otherwise

The original in high quality for comparison


Posted by raptorbricks - November 12th, 2021


Well, that's a nice surprise! I don't exactly know what it means, but thank you anyway!

Greetings to anyone who is visiting from the UotD post!


Posted by raptorbricks - March 5th, 2021

Got the video up on Youtube as well for anyone who prefers to watch it over there


Posted by raptorbricks - May 17th, 2020

Thanks to everyone following me, With how slowly I started out here, I'm surprised how quickly my followers grew, bringing me to this first big milestone!


Posted by raptorbricks - September 10th, 2019


Posted by raptorbricks - June 24th, 2018

Patreon header


Hello all, today, I have launched my Patreon page to support art and worldbuilding.

Don’t worry about this interrupting my usual content, that’ll be coming out the same as ever, at this point, the only content I will be making Patreon exclusive downloads for my 3D models and a few occasional posts will be available to supporters a few days earlier.

Thanks for all the support from everyone who has been following me and my work.


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Posted by raptorbricks - June 22nd, 2018

Recently, I’ve been considering setting up an additional source of income for my art stuff recently as my main job probably isn’t going to be enough to keep me going after summer (The joys of working a weather dependant zero-hour contract job) and it would be nice to not have to take on any more winter jobs than I already do. This, combined with the fact that I would like to try and move to mainland Europe before Brexit, means that having spare money to support me could come in handy.

I have a few ideas for things, let me know your opinions on what I should use or any others you may suggest.


This is the most likely option, considering the extra free time I have at the moment. My main ideas are sketches and small 3D models, though, I am open to suggestions. This might take a while since I’ll need to do some research into pricing first.


I’ve heard some good things about Ko-Fi and, considering it seems fairly easy to set up, this one seems like a decent idea. If any of you have had any experience with the site, good or bad, let me know.


I’m not so sure about patreon, I don’t really have much to offer as bonuses, in progress sketches already go up on my Instagram and I don’t like the idea of locking content behind a paywall, not to mention the fact that my summer work hours tend to leave me a little too exhausted to be able to put out much content. Only thing I can think of is the model files from my 3D models. This one is likely going to take a bit more planning and working out what people want.


Overall, just let me know what you’d like to see from me in the future. Feel free to send me a message in the replies

Posted by raptorbricks - April 1st, 2018

I felt it would probably be worth sharing some WIP pictures of an upcoming project I am working on.
I am in the process of recreating Aryamay (A character from my world building project) in 3D as part of my goal to learn how to use Blender.

Let me know what you think

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